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Bulk Payment File – Setup

Acquaint has the ability to create a bulk payment file that allows you to pay all landlords or contractors in bulk rather than one by one in your bank.

The increase in efficiency in processing rent is substantial when our clients have implemented this.

For example: If paying one landlord takes 3mins in the bank and you pay 50 landlords, this takes 150mins. You can upload one file in 3mins to pay these so that is 50x quicker.

Before we start :

  • You should confirm with your bank that you have this facility first
  • In most cases you will require an OIN from the bank
  • You should be comfortable with processing transaction in Acq before setting this up

Step 1 – OIN

Here is how to add your OIN into Acquaint.

Step 2 – SEPA Format

Note: AIB is SEPA 1.0 and BOI is SEPA 1.1

Here is where to pick the correct SEPA format.

Step 3 – Add Bank Details

In order to be able to make these payments, you need to make sure that you enter the bank details for the contacts you are going to pay. Here is how to do this in Acquaint.

Note: These only has to be done once and is saved for all future payments

Step 3 – Generate the Bulk Payment File

Once the above is done you will be able to generate the bulk payment file. Here is how to do this in Acquaint.

You can check out our full suite of training videos. If you need any more guidance or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us on [email protected].

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