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Time and Money Well Spent!

My experience of working in the UK, Dubai and Ireland has seen me deal with a wide variety of cultures and nationalities, especially in the corporate and real estate markets. One common factor is that all of my previous employers have preached about the need of a CRM.

We all know the key to business success is your knowing your customers and your market, but we all miss out on opportunities as we aren’t always empowered with the right tools. Once an opportunity is gone, it’s gone. The old mantra of hindsight is a beautiful thing, is very befitting of this. Business leaders remain proactive, whilst other’s remain reactive never truly realising their full potential. Successful businesses all have similar shared key characteristics innovative, flexible, adaptable, opportunistic, and the drive to want to continually learn and improve. The more advanced technology becomes the smaller the window of opportunity, so we must be able to grasp it with two hands upon its creation.

The difference between success and failure is so marginal now, but despite this not all businesses invest in CRM’s that reduce those margin of errors. CRM’S cost money but overtime result in increased sales activities, better retention rates, quicker and more informed decisions and improved bottom line profit. My experience of both working in the sales and CRM industry has led to me to believe one definitely cannot go without the other. CRM’s can also offer great insight into time and resource management, the setting of realistic SLA’s, and areas of the business that need further review or inspection. We must address and rectify our weaknesses before we can realise our full business capabilities.

Every client interaction is so vital, that we cannot afford not to take advantage of them. As markets become more diverse, more options become available, and clients are more expectant we need be a step in front at all times without a CRM this very difficult to achieve. Information at our finger tips, available on the go is a must and now a minimum requirement.

CRM’s help to map out the customer journey, by offering us a glimpse of their mentality and buying behaviors. The more we know the customer, the easier it is to predict their next actions and manage their expectations from start to finish. The smallest details are paramount to completing a transaction, as we must build up high level of trust, loyalty and competency along the way. Often the busier we come the harder it is know what best practice is, a CRM system offers that gateway whilst at the same time assisting businesses to stay compliant to both the market and financial regulations.

At Acquaint we provide our clients with a strong platform to embrace and reach their full business potential. The CRM not only offers functions to store integral data but to also use it to its fullest. From the point of application to finalising the transaction you can feel confident the best decisions and actions were undertook, whilst maximising every opportunity. By profiling customers at early stage of the application, you are able to concentrate on customers that generate revenue not waste time and resources. In other words let’s make the admin time worth it.

Produced by Matthew Scott

Senior Commercial Sales Manager- Acquaint

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