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Tips and tricks to sell your house much easier

When selling your property it’s not only about taking a fabulous photo or writing a detailed description, first impressions count. How your property is presented during viewings will close the deal!

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First impression count
A potential purchaser will decide in seconds if they like a house or not. Go across the road and have a look on your property. Does it look appealing?
Would some minor improvements make a huge difference, such as cleaning the windows or mowing the lawn in order to attract the buyer’s attention?

Create a relaxing zone
Hunting for the right place to live is a stressful!
Most people visit more than ten properties to find their perfect home. Therefore it is vital that buyers can see a comfortable home where they can relax.

Software for Estate AgentsMake your house spotless
Although the kitchen, bathroom and the master bedroom are the most important rooms, you should not forget the other areas. Use the hoover, clean each window and wipe down surfaces before each viewing.



Make sure your property is in its best condition
Does the fridge needs a new light, is there a broken window and has the wallpaper been ripped off?
Try to fix anything that’s broken before people come for a viewing, this way your prospective tenants/Buyers can concentrate on the advantages of your property.

Rooms at a pleasant temperatureSoftware for Estate Agents
Make sure the property has the right temperature. On a cold day you should turn on the heater or make a fire if possible and on warmer days try to cool down each room by opening a window to create a nice atmosphere.


Software for Estate Agents


On the day itself
There is no need to bake a cake in order to create a cozy atmosphere. Take down the garbage and get rid of ashtrays. Don’t forget that little things like brewing a pot of fresh.
Coffee and buying some fresh flowers can create a pleasant atmosphere.


Here you have it a few simple tricks which increase the possibility to sell a property for sure.

Enjoy the heat wave!! :)

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