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Irish Household Charge

A charge which was already introduced in 2012 is still a topic of ongoing discussions. House owners were given from the beginning of 2012 until the end of March this year to pay the requested charge. However, about 350,000 households have refused to pay the €100.

The authorities then gave additional time until the end of this month. From the 1st of July this charge will be replaced by the property tax and the amount will be increased to €200.

The worrying thing about this situation is that even people who paid the amount after 31st of March might face an additional charge of €200. This is because some of them refused to pay the interest of €11, which will now be seen as a missing of the payment.

The Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) warned homeowners about the penalty payment. The Irish government would generate €69m in revenue if they collected all of the missing 347,068 households which are fined €200 for their refused payment.

It is also possible to pay the duty online at

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