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Improving your home’s layout

Software for Estate AgentsImproving your home’s layout could benefit your home life but this involves hard work and money. Here are some tips to help!
Cottages and small terraced houses often have a bad layout and might prompt you to makes some changes. The most frequent deficits are a missing hallway, the staircase may be in the middle of the reception room, a downstairs bathroom or it may be upstairs with access only via the bedroom.
A quick and inexpensive solution can be a partition wall, however, in some cases it does not really work, for example when a window is in the wrong place.
The trend today is to have a big kitchen-diner, but small period houses often have the bathroom at the back of the kitchen, which makes this idea impossible. It prevents you from enjoying a nice view of the garden while having breakfast with your family.
Moving your bathroom can be quite challenging and depends on the position of the soil pipe, but a good plumber should be able to do it in two or three days. Software for Estate Agents
Not only putting up walls but also taking them down could be a solution to your problems. For example make two reception rooms into one or design a large kitchen-diner instead of having a wall between the kitchen and the adjoining room. Especially 1930’s homes often have small kitchens, which are not ideal for a healthy family life.
Before you actually decide to take walls down, make sure they do not hold up the building and ask a construction engineer for advice. Sometimes a party wall agreement with your neighbors’ is required.
When changing the layout of your home is not possible, you could consider building an extension or take the garage or cellar, even though it will cost you more money.

When living in a flat, it is advisable to stick to the layout of your neighbors’ below or above you because you certainly would not like to have your bedroom above someone else’s living room.

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