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Customer Experience- CRM management

As we become buoyed with the good news that market prices are once again picking up and the stock shortage is being addressed with at least 27,000 new residential units. We have to be ready to operate and act, the moment new properties hit the market to make sure we have the right data, resources, expertise to efficiently service the clients as they call upon our services.

Over the last 12 months complaints in both real estate agency conduct and landlord renting have increased, even worse than this repossession’s are up 200% on 2014 numbers. We still need to take full advantage of the improving housing market, as well as make sure we don’t bring about the same downfalls we experienced after the fall of the Celtic tiger era. Great lessons have been learnt at great costs, and now we should be fully appreciative of the tools on offer to assist and streamline our businesses. Business best practice is often a measure that can be forgotten the busier we become, but always essential part of any future successes we experience.

Over the last five years, Acquaint has built up a client base over 120 clients and everyday works with new agencies, auctioneers, property management companies and Developers sharing on not only our knowledge of the market but also exhibiting our customer focused driven CRM package. The Acquaint CRM has new functions available regularly, as we continually strive to match and exceed both our clients and market expectations.

Attracting clients is like going out for a meal, you’re not the only restaurant in the city or town, you’re not even the only that specialises in a certain cuisine. But you still choice to compete with other long standing establishments. You are trying to tempt customers away from your local competitors and break their usual eating habits. People well often try a new restaurant out of intrigue, to see how their current restaurant compares and are they missing out on anything. The more competitive a market, the greater the demand to be more unique.

When we go to a restaurant are happy with just good food, or do we expect the highest quality in food and service? If the meal isn’t to our liking do we send it back? Appearance and taste is everything, clients need to feel they are well looked after and also the experience is exceptional start to finish. No one wants to revisit a restaurant they bad food or a bad experience in. We get one attempt to stand out, so we must utilise all opportunities for business presented to us. Listening to our clients is the most pivotal part to building a strong client base, we do not control what others perceive as great nor can we enforce on standards on others. We need to remain vigilant to what others offer and pinpoint where we stronger than our competitors.

Produced by Matthew Scott

Senior Commercial Sales Manager- Acquaint


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