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Bulk Payments

bulk payment is a payment created from a bulk list – so it’s a payment to multiple beneficiaries from a single debit account. It will show as one debit on your bank statement.

Electronic Funds Transfer – EFT

EFT is suitable for businesses who need to make high volume domestic payments to suppliers and /or staff.

Main features include:

Bulk Payment Files

The Payment Files service on iBusiness Banking allows you to upload payments within a single file.  There are 2 types of payment file that can be submitted:

SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT) payment files contain euro payments debiting an AIB branch account and paying a beneficiary account within the SEPA zone (including Ireland).


Bulk Payments Through AcquaintCRM

AcquaintCRM has the ability to create bulk payment files in both the AIB and BOI formats at the click of a button. You just need to click what landlords or contractors you wish to pay and then upload this file to your internet banking. No need to make individual payments ever again!

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