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Using Visuals to Attract Business

“90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed in the brain at 60,000 times the speed of text” (world of learning)

Peoples attention spans are at an all time low, so you need to use all resources at your disposable to attract people to your business.

We all get attracted to content with nice visuals whether if it is on websites, social media or print (brochures, window displays etc). As people digest visuals and images a lot quicker this allows you get your message across quicker.

I this article I am going to look at a few FREE tools that can help you

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Infographics transform info into attractive imagery, drawing attention to the message you hope to get across. This will also increase the probability of the reader retaining this info. 

It might seem a daunting task to create these but there are some FREE tools such as Piktochart to make this task easy and fun. I have used this tool for a number of years and would strongly recommend giving it a go!

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Marketing Visuals

Many of you won’t have designers in the office but want to add some visuals, maybe to make physical marketing or online content more aesthetically pleasing.

Adding graphics enhances how you communicate your message to clients and prospects. It allows you to convey your points in a more effective way, while also bringing attention to your content.

Again there are many FREE resources out there to help with this, like Canva!

Note : These tools won’t do what a designer would do for you but for little projects like online content they are perfect.

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Your Website is your shop window, and first impressions count. Images & video grab attention immediately and Google therefore loves images and especially video.

Video on the homepage of your website can also give a truly cinematic experience, really enticing visitors to stay on the site. See an example here –

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Top Tip: If you are selling houses try to have a video for each house as this will show prospects that you are showing your stock in its best light. This  will also greatly help your google ranking too : )

However many Agents worry about site performance and speed if sites are very image heavy. The latest sites can handle images and videos a lot better, using different technology and techniques. To check out how your website performs why not avail of our free site audit, just email us ([email protected]) your website URL.

I hope you found some of the above useful and if you need any help or advice please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or the 4Property team.

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