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R-Post Part 2

Software for Estate Agents

The legal stance of eSignatures with R-Post

Auditable Proof of Signoff:

Only R-Post technology provides a record of precisely what message content was in fact sent, received, and signed off with a robust audit trail that is cryptographically associated with the sign-off record content and time stamps. This is important because most disputes around who agreed to what and when happen years after agreements were struck.

User Modes for Workflow and Signoff Situations

Hand-Sign: Software for Estate Agents

Obtain recipient handwritten, mouse scripted signature electronically applied to any sent document
or message body text. The simplicity of using this biometric signature service is unmatched in the industry as

(1) This can be used with any document attached to any email sent right from the sender’s email program,

(2) There is no need for any document uploading, document set-up, or recipient digital certificates or software, and

(3) The sender can opt to conduct the transaction in a secure signoff process that returns an encrypted record in a data privacy compliant manner.


Records the recipient’s consent in terms of email body text and/or attachments with a simple recipient click in their received email message body or by reply to the original email message.


Creates stand-alone fill-in forms with embedded functionality inside the form that, at the click of a button, invokes a signature verification process with timestamps, signer authentication, forensic, and handwritten and PKI digital signatures embedded in the resulting PDF format signoff record. This permits users to send a PDF fill-in and secured form by email as an attachment with the input data optionally automatically complied into a database.

Sender Signature and Authentication: Software for Estate Agents

Applies the sender’s cryptographic and/or handwritten, mouse-scripted signature sealed to email message body and attachments, with a few extra mouse-strokes at the time of sending an email. Provides a timestamp watermarked signature in attached documents converted to PDF and PKI digitally signed


  • Speeds signoff with familiar email user experience; or automated with email content formats or APIs
  • Boosts returns on process improvement investments with new efficiencies and more automation, less administrative time and cost
  • Simple for senders; no document preparation
  • Maintains signed contracts & forms in ISOstandard PDF format; avoids proprietary web forms
  • Legal opinions and international government recognition assure legal standing
  • Trusted worldwide by the largest mailers, winner 2011 World Mail Security Award

Privacy Policy

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