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AcquaintCRM – Microsoft Azure Cloud

Hosting your data in the cloud has become more important than ever as it allows you to work with more flexibility or remotely from anywhere.

Hosting your data in the Microsoft Azure cloud also ensures your data is safe and secure with regular backups to give you peace of mind and eliminate the need for an onsite server which is a capital expenditure saving.


  • Database hosting (no need to buy an onsite server)
  • Backups (daily backup of acquaint database and files)
  • Insulates you from a Crypto Virus lock-out
  • Work from anywhere


In order to host your database on the cloud you need to have a decent internet connection:

  • Minimal broadband download speed is 20Mb
  • Minimal broadband upload speed is 5Mb

You could start by performing an internet speed test from the office and sending us a screenshot.


The cost of hosting your database on the cloud is €30 per month (1-4 users) or €7.50 per month per user (4+ users).

Monthly charges include:

  • basic database hosting
  • file storage
  • automatic backups for both
  • traffic allocation
  • application mobility
  • database query allocation

Subject to fair use. Allocation can be increased upon request.

Migration Costs

The migration from local server to Microsoft Azure will take around 2-4h (depending on your internet speed and amount of data) and about 5 minutes each client machine to change the configuration to Microsoft Azure.

Migration work is billed at €75/hr.

Migrating your database needs be performed by one of our network engineers.

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