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Internal Communication is as important as ever.

Poor internal communication leads to confusion, loss of productivity and lower morale among employees. That is why it is imperative to use whatever resources or tools to have at your disposable to stay in contact with all of the team. I had listed a few resources below that will help with this.

Zoom is very much the flavour of the month, it was big before but it has grown 67% in the last few months alone showing how many are using the platform during the crisis.

Basically, it is a video conferencing platform and is a great tool for calls with clients or for team meetings and best of all you can get a FREE account.

1.      Signup here

2.      Download here

3.      Tutorial Videos here

I strongly recommend Zoom or something similar as it is important to have some face to face time with colleagues (or clients) while working remotely.

If you use Gmail you have probably used its chat functional hangouts. It is a great way of messages colleagues or video calling them either individual or in groups and it is super easy to use .

One of the big befits of using hangouts is that it is FREE as long as you have a google account!

Why are you reaching out to your colleague? To get some information or asking if then sent a document to a client? If you have a CRM all that info is already saved in the contact/property record.

A CRM will allow you see when your colleague has dealt with a client and you can also see your colleague’s tasks to see what they are going to do too.

A CRM should be the epicentre of your dealing with clients giving all colleagues the information they need to get on with the job at hand.

If anyone is interested to see why over 700 Irish Property Professional now use AcquaintCRM to manage all aspects of their business you can book a demo here.

Many of us use Whatsapp in our personal lives but in certain work situation a team WhatsApp group can be an effective tool of communication.

It is important to note that this should be a work orientated group and not like a group with your friends.

–         Keep content work related (no sharing of inappropriate content)

–         Make sure everyone is included (who wants to be)

–         Try keep messages during work hours

–         If you are communicating with only one colleague, send a direct message

–         Be respectful of all colleagues

You may be using Email more than you normally would be at the moment, so it is important to communicate as clearly as possible via text. It can be difficult to get somebody’s tone or feelings through email sometimes, so try to explain yourself as well as possible to get the message across.

“we should always assume ignorance before malice.” – Hanlons Razor

This is especially important in situations where you’re missing context. If you’re communicating via text with co-workers, try to always assume ignorance before malice if you have a misunderstanding.

I hope that this was of some help and if anyone has any questions or needs any advice on the above we at 4Property are happy to help : )

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