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5 Tips to Help your Estate Agency Team Work from Home

Working from home can be hard, here are a few tips to help the team deal with the change.

A good start is half the battle

Issue: One of the biggest frustrations about working from home can be that employees don’t have the right equipment to do so.

If they are working from home full time maybe allow them to borrow monitors, keyboards, chairs etc from the office if this is a possibility.

Social isolation 

Many staff may start to feel isolated as they miss the social interaction they are used to in the office.

Try to encourage social video calls with the team or check in with phone calls to stay in touch. Try to keep morale high to give staff a sense of belonging to the team.

All the info you need

When staff start working from home they are surprised by the added time simply to get information from other colleagues. Instead of asking across the office you now must message, email or call someone to ask a simple question.

Make sure all information in stored in a central location (e.g CRM) and everyone has access/passwords to all the systems that they need.

Not seeing the full picture

If you colleague is having a rough day or is under pressure you can see this in the office, this can be hard to identify when working remotely and can result in building tension within the team.

It can be difficult to feel emotion via email or chat messages sometime so this shows the importance of picking up the phone once in a while to actually speak with your team.


Not being kept in the loop or updated with the progression of things within the company can lead to team members feeling left out. This could possibly even make them think of their long term job security during these uncertain times.

Internal communciation is as important as ever. Use all the tools available (phone calls, whatsapp groups, email, video calls) to keep everyone on team updated and motivated.

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