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With Ciaran Behan


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Ciaran Behan

Sales And Marketing Executive
01 497 7705, ext 420

Ciarán’s deep knowledge of the marketing and administrative functions of Acquaint enables him to help agencies grow their business and use their time more effectively. Since joining the Acquaint team he has used his background in Product design to approach problems and implement solutions in a consistent and logical fashion.

Adding Vendor + Property

Adding Letters

Work Orders

Syncing Diary To Gmail / Outlook

Adding An Entry Into The Diary

Setting Up A Tenancy - Screen Stream

Merging Contacts And Properties

Paying A Contractor

Transferring Fees

Landlord Payments

Refining A Marketing List

Cert List

Applicant List

Adding A Utility Supplier

Match And Market

Property Areas


Adding Notes

Bulk Email

Web Upload

Key List


Expiring Applicants In Bulk

Adding A Brochure

Adding Text And Letterheads On Receipts

Change Intials To Full Name For Correspondance

Referencing Properties In Outlook Emails

How Do I Changing Job Title Or Qualifications?

Changing Brochure Logo

Aged Debtors Summary

Error Map Network Drives

Changing Site Details