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Acquaint – Sales Process


Your vendors are your clients so I would start with getting their details into the system first.

If you have their mobile, enter it (that will allow you text them through the system) and I would strongly recommend entering their email too. They should be marked as type – vendor and also enter their home address on the bottom of their contact record.


Once a vendor is added and you click save, it will ask you to add their property now. Click yes and then fill in the property information.

I would recommend adding all available and sale agreed properties initially, and then add any new properties from the day you get Acquaint.

For properties that are close to closing you may not need to fill in all property details (descriptions, pictures etc) as it has been advertised already. You should enter the basic property info to help generate Sales Advice Notes, record offers and mark booking deposits as paid.

of Engagement

In the property record there is a section called contract details on the details 3 page. If you enter the valuation price and commission in this section, it will appear in your letter of engagement. On the same page, there is a section for reception rooms and floor area which will also transfer across automatically into the letter.

You can produce letters either from the property or contact record by clicking on the letter icon (top right). It produces the document in word so you can make any edits if you need to. There is no need to save this document on your PC, as it will be saved on the correspondence page of the vendor and property.

E- Sign Letter
of Engagement

In Acquaint you can send your Letters of Enagagements, leases and any documents you wish to get signed electronically*.

  • Right click on Letter of Engagement in correspondance and select send to signable.
  • Choose the contacts you wish to send to.
  • Track on the homepage.

Check out our E – Signature page here for more details.

*Esignatures require credits

Produce a

In a property record there is a icon on the very top right called Create Particulars. A list of brochures will appear, double click on the one you want.

This will merge the property detail you have entered in Acquaint, into a brochure (this is a word document so you can make any desired changes if required).


If you open up the diary page you will see all of your team’s calendars. If you click on a time slot, a list of appointment types will appear. Choose one and then you will need to add contacts and the property to this appointment.

You can then send confirmation emails to all attendees by clicking “send” down the bottom on that dialogue box. This will also jump into your Gmail/outlook calendar once you sync it here.


On the property record, there is a sent/offers tab. The top part of this screen is automatically populated with people who have been invited to a viewing in Acquaint (you can also add feedback notes here).

On the bottom section of this screen is the offers section. Right-click that box (or click menu) and then select new to add a new offer.

Adding a
Booking Deposit

Once you accept an offer, the system will look for a booking deposit via a reminder on the homepage. Once you receive the deposit, you should add it through the purchaser’s profile.

and Closing

Once an offer is accepted, you should look to fill in details on the progression page. By entering the solicitor’s details, you can generate prepopulated sales advice notes and sale memorandums through the letter icon on the top right of the property record.

Hopefully, this gives you some good guidance on managing a sale through Acquaint. You can check out our full suite of training videos here. If you need any more guidance or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us on [email protected].

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